What you need to know before working with me

  • In indoor places to wear a mask would be a must, I would put out mine when shooting, of course 

  • Be respectful with my personal space 

  • When I say I do erotic I talk about the mood, I won't do explicits or adult work

  • I need to know who is gonna be in the session in advance (while planning the session)

  • I don't care getting dirty in a session as long as I can have a spot after the shoot where to clean myself, I love lost places and moody moods 

  • I will ask for a deposit to book a session (100 dolars or euros when booking via PayPal would be the best option)

  • I expect to be fully paid if you need to cancel 48h hours or less before a shoot

  • I won't have to share the images you edit of me

  • I will never put myself in danger for a shoot.

  • Payments the day of the shooting will be in cash or PayPal. Credit card would be an option in Europe

  • I can listen to other terms if you have a proposal, I Will do my best to make things work if I think it makes sense

  • If I would have to cancel I would cover your expenses if needed 

To work with me 

Let me know if you have a closed idea about what to shoot. Place, duration and style.

Please, add also a link to your work :)