Remote Shoots

A new way to shoot

In this crazy new times traveling is dificult for a lot of us. I won't be traveling for at least one year but there is stil a way to keep shooting high quality images: Remote Shoots

How do they work? 

Tether a camer have been used for several photographers before but now this is interesting for us because in a videcall it's possible to give acces from my computer to yours. Yes! You can see my computer screen, move my mouse and control the camera settings!

I have a place with natural light at home and some nice furniture to create diferent sets and a Sony A7II with a 28-70mm 3.5-5.6f in a tripod conected to my computer with the software to control it, Imagine Edge also from Sony. 

We'll call via zoom (ask for other options if needed) and I'll give control of my screen with you so you'll be able to manage all the settings of my camera and shoot!

After the shooting I'll transfer the raw and JPG images to you via wetransfer before 24hours after our shoot

What do you need?

You'll just need to be in your computer with Zoom app downloaded, this is free (if you want another option ask me), and a stable internet connection

You won't need the software to control the camera since this will be in my computer but it can be usefull if you check how it works before

Working ethics and limitations:

  • It won't be possible to record the session 
  • I won't work with beginners in remote shoots (to start learing I recomend presential practice first) and I will ask to watch an online portfolio before we shedule a session.
  • When I say I do erotic I talk about the mood, I won't do explicits or adult work. 

  • I could delete acidental shoots where my genitalia is visible

  • I need to know who is gonna be in the session in advance (while planning the session)

  • The copyright of the images will be yours and I can sign a model release, sent me it when schecual, please

  • I won't have to share the images you edit of me

  • I will never put myself in danger for a shoot.

  • In outdoor locations: if we have to cancel for weather conditions we could reshedule it once, in a second time we'll shoot indoors

  • If your connection dosen't work well we'll reschedule once

  • I can listen to other terms if you have a proposal, I Will do my best to make things work if I think it makes sense


Indoors: The standard cost for one hour shooting will be 70€ per hour

Outdoors: (not abaiable yet) When the locations require a maximum of 1 hour drive the cost of the session is 100€/hour. This includes me as model, my gear and the assitant that I'll need for sure outdoors

La Masia Studio: this is a studio with several options, plenty of natural light and some outdoors too. The cost is 100€/hour on weekdays. Extra fee for lighting or weekends

May  8th/9th:
Looking for summer vibes in this beatyful place! 190€ for one and a half hour

Me assisting to shoot other models: if you are interested to shoot a model in Barcelona that isn't able to offer remote shoots I can go to her place/studio with my gear and stay to assist/move the camera. The model and you will get your own agreement by your side and I am asking 60€ per two hour assisting 

Assistant extra: If you prefer to have someone helping us to move furniture, camera and zoom I can get an assitant and the cost will have an extra cost of 25€ per hour

My fee can be paid by Credit Card or Paypal the day we schechual the session for book the slot

If you have to cancel the session, I'll refund you the entire fee without transaccion costs if you write me 24hours before the session, otherways we will try to find for another date 

Write me through the contact form here or at if you have any questions about this or want to book a remote session with me :)